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The genre explosion is upon us

Written by David Eddy and Kylie Eddy on 14th Nov 2015

The other day I listening to an interesting podcast, Benjamen Walker’s Theory of Everything, where they were talking about the history of podcasting. One of the interesting insights made by those who went from radio to podcasting was how unexpectedly the things they produce now are so different from what you could produce on radio.

Because they had found a different funding model directly connected to their audience, they could produce far more tailored content. The technology change brought about funding changes which created new classes of content that had simply not been created before.

It is the same for video.

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Using Lean Filmmaking Cycles

Written by David Eddy on 11th Nov 2015

A core tool in Lean Filmmaking is the use of multiple cycles, where in each cycle you build a draft of the film, show it to an audience and learn what to improve.

This notion of drafting and learning is traditionally used during script development, but in Lean Filmmaking we take this to the extreme. Instead of a draft being a script, and the learning coming purely from peer feedback, in Lean Filmmaking a draft is a full film, and feedback is broad including from your potential audience.

It is a radical departure from the traditional approach made possible by the enormous improvements in technology.

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